Prize Winners

Oral presentations

1st prize

Two week wait head and neck telephone clinics: an equivocal alternative to face to face clinics?

Adam Garrard, Anthony Bashyam, Lisa Pitkin

2nd prize

Audit of the Cochlear Implantation for Newborn Hearing Screening Referrals – Optimizing the Patient Pathway

Rajeev Mathew, Fernando Rodriguez Bajo, Nicola Hatton, Louise Buttfield, Deborah Vickers, Neil Donnelly, Manohar Bance, James Tysome, Patrick Axon


1st prize

Improving the confidence of ENT trainees in assessing and managing nasal fractures

Sachin Patel, Syed Shah, Zohaib Siddiqui

2nd prize

3D reconstruction of patient-specific cochleovestibular malformations

Shivani Manoharan, Dr Chloe Swords, Professor Manohar Bance