Poster Presentations

Tracheo-innominate Artery Fistulas: Relevant Anatomy, Recognition, and Management of a Potentially Fatal ComplicationRachael Harlow, Vahe Petrosyan
Improving the confidence of ENT trainees in assessing and managing nasal fracturesSachin Patel, Syed Shah, Zohaib Siddiqui
An audit to evaluate the outcomes of Head and Neck telephone outpatient clinicsThomas Turner, Shadia Patel, Antonio Belloso
Silver Nitrate; The Culprit Behind the Appearance of Eroded OssiclesHafsa Javed, Oliver Jones
Change From Within: Multiple Closed-Loop Departmental Audit of Diversity in Lecture Materials in Undergraduate ENT EducationMichael Keunhwi Ahn, Matija Daniel
Fulminant Intracranial Hypertension as a Result of Otological Surgery: Case Report and Discussion of ManagementAlexander Morris, Dr J Nicholas Higgins, Mr Patrick R Axon
Peterborough City Hospital ENT Emergency Clinic Referrals AuditHafsa Javed, Oliver Jones
The Role of Telephone Triage in Head and Neck Cancer Care in a Teaching Hospital.Thomas Turner, Jessica Daniels, Antonio Belloso
A Retrospective Analysis of Speech and Hearing in Patients Receiving Surgery for Submucous Cleft PalateWill Raby-Smith, Kana Miyagi
A descriptive analysis of suspected Head and Neck cancer referrals, waiting times and diagnoses during the COVID-19 pandemicArjun Thayyil, Laragh Harvey-Kelly, Emily Wilson, Ada Krzak, Xenophon Kochilas
Blood transfusion demands in a tertiary Otolaryngology, Head and Neck centre: A 5-year retrospective cohort studyLouis Luke, Charindu Ranmuthu, Chanuka Ranmuthu, Amir Habeeb, Jithesh Appukutty, Ekpemi Irune
How does tinnitus induction through noise overexposure affect sleep state composition in the ferret?Linus Milinski, Matthew Emmerson, Victoria Bajo Lorenzana
3D reconstruction of patient-specific cochleovestibular malformationsShivani Manoharan, Dr Chloe Swords, Professor Manohar Bance
A Micro-Computed Tomography Study of the Cochlea and Facial Nerve InterfaceEarth Tachatirakul, Chloe Swords, Manohar Bance
Tonsillectomy Outcomes for Coblation Versus Bipolar Diathermy Techniques in Adult Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisAbdulmalik Alsaif, Mohammad Alazemi, Narvair Kahlar, Mohammad Karam, Ahmad Abul, Abdulrahman Al-Naseem, Abdulredha Al Muhanna, Turki Aldrees
Influence of listener’s perception in gender differentiation of voice in transsexual or post-laryngectomy patientsSatya Manikanta Nikhil Kumar Maripi
How should follow up post myringotomy and grommet insertion be performed?Wendy Tan
Bilateral Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss In Srub Typhus: A case reportMosin B
Ward Round Documentation AuditChan, J.H., Campbell, A. & Cain, A.J.
ENT Emergency Outpatients: A New Digital TemplateEllen Meredith, Jess Leighton, Stephanie Myszkowski