Oral Presentations

Two week wait head and neck telephone clinics: an equivocal alternative to face to face clinics?

Adam Garrard, Anthony Bashyam, Lisa Pitkin

Implementing a Covid-19 anosmia clinic – our experiences

Darmeena Gopikrishna, John Rocke, Michael Chu, BN Kumar

Audit of the Cochlear Implantation for Newborn Hearing Screening Referrals – Optimizing the Patient Pathway

Rajeev Mathew, Fernando Rodriguez Bajo, Nicola Hatton, Louise Buttfield, Deborah Vickers, Neil Donnelly, Manohar Bance, James Tysome, Patrick Axon

The addition of silver nitrate cautery to antiseptic nasal cream for patients with epistaxis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Abdulmalik Alsaif, Mohammad Karam, Abdullah Alhaider, Ahmad Almazeedi, Ahmed Aldubaikhi, Abdulrahman Alfayez