About our Co-founders

Tanya Ta


Tanya has just completed the Masters in Clinical Research degree (MRes) in ENT in Norwich. She has been interested in pursuing a career in academic ENT since 2014 and had been diligently developing her surgical portfolio since towards this goal. She is an active member of the Rhinology and ENT Research Group at Norwich Medical School.

She has secured the national prestigious Wolfson Foundation intercalated degree award administered by the Royal College of Physicians and the national prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Intercalated Bachelor of Science Degree in Surgery Award. Her research projects focus on the MACRO programme ‘Defining best Management for Adults with Chronic RhinOsinusitis’. She has been previously awarded the 2 best oral presentation awards and 2 runner-up presentation prizes at prestigious international and national surgical conferences. Her paper on ‘Outcome measures of rhinosinusitis in MACRO’ has recently been awarded the Royal Society of Medicine Laryngology & Rhinology Section Short papers prize.

Her interests lie in ENT, clinical research and medical education. She is the co-founder of Project Cutting Edge (PCE). She is also the founder and principal organiser of Norwich MedED and Norwich MedTech. She has been awarded a runner-up award for the Zeshan Qureshi Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education 2017.

Bhavesh Tailor


Bhavesh is a final-year medical student at the University of Cambridge, with a keen interest in ENT Surgery. He recently completed a nine-week medical elective in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His current research interests include recurrent salivary gland tumours and functional outcomes following facial nerve reconstruction.

He has published in peer-reviewed ENT journals. Of note, his systematic review paper ‘Outcome measures for baro-challenge-induced Eustachian tube dysfunction’ was awarded a best oral presentation prize regionally and was recently presented at the prestigious Politzer Society international meeting. Bhavesh is a founding member of the Cambridge University ENT Society and is passionate about promoting the specialty to the undergraduate student body.